Artificial Insemination Policy

Black Horse Manor offers artificial insemination (AI) chilled semen to all mares. Our AI breeding contract must be sign and returned with payment before semen is collected and sent to the mare owner. All other fees are outlined in the breeding contract.

No Colt Policy

As part of our business policies BHM has a 'No Colt' policy. This means all colts born will be gelded at 7- 8 months of age unless we run one on as a potential BHM stud colt.

Any person wanting a BHM colt must negotiate prior to foaling or gelding.

There are several reasons why we have introduced this policy. The main reason is we feel that there are not enough excellent quality competition geldings available for the dressage market. Offering these high quality horses as geldings makes them more affordable, thus providing the opportunity to lift the breed's profile in the industry. Not everyone wants colts and not everyone can afford colt prices. By gelding at 7 – 8 months of age the boys can put their effort into growing height not stallion muscle thus reaching their maximum potential.