We breed horses of superb temperament, confirmation and performance ability with a focus on black colour breeding.


Our motto "Breeding Quality not Quantity" is strictly adhered to and as a result our breeding stock is of the highest quality including imported bloodlines. 

We have been involved in exhibiting, riding and breeding Spanish Performance Horses since 1992 and in 1997 Black Horse Manor was established. Our commitment to the breed will ensure that Black Horse Manor fulfils its vision of breeding internationally competitive Spanish Performance Horses.

Black Horse Manor is located at Mount Fairy, on 140 acres of beautiful Australian landscape approximately 9 minutes from the boutique town of Bungendore, 30 minutes from Queanbeyan and 40 minutes from Canberra Airport.

Spanish Pinto

I have always loved the black and white horse regardless what colour coat pattern. Finally I am in a position to combine my two loves – the Pure Spanish Horse with the black and white tobiano coat colour. My aim is to breed as 'Pure" black and white Spanish horse as I can possibly then take it one step further to breed a double homozygous Spanish Pinto line. Conformation, movement, temperament and Spanish characteristics are still very important to me so I will not compromise quality for colour. This will be one amazing line so come along the journey with me!

BHM Derivative Program

The BHM Derivative Program plays a fundamental role in the stud’s breeding program. It is well known that the Spanish horse produces a superb cross and we love the challenge of producing high quality open company purpose bred derivatives.

Only top quality mares are chosen to be crossed with our PRE stallions. Although we have our preferences for particular breeds, we will never disregard a mare if her movement, conformation, temperament and quality are what we are looking for.

Recently we have introduced an additional branch to our derivative program by using imported Warmblood semen to use with our top PRE mares. The stallions chosen are the world’s number one sires of European dressage horses and include stallions such as Tolegro and Fürst Heinrich. Fillies from these breeding will be retained and crossed back to our PRE stallions. This is an exciting venture for us and we look forward to see the results when the best of one breed is crossed with the best of another.