We are fortunate to own some of the best brood and competition PRE mares in Australia. Our PRE fillies are very highly sort after and when available for purchase, are usually sold before they are advertised.


BHM Black Porscha (Imp Spain)

Sire: Carlo-Seni
Dam: Kenia-FC
Born: 27 February 2006
“Apto” – Approved for Breeding

This stunning mare is the 2nd female to be imported into Australia from Spain in over 30 years - her mother Kenia-FC being the first! Porscha has beautiful conformation and movement and a temperament is to die for. She has matured to 16.2hh and has incredible bone. Porscha is a valued member of the BHM broodmare band.

Her sire, Carlo-Seni, is a Qualified stallion from the famous Yeguadas Senillosa, Spain.

Kenia-FC (Imp Spain)

Sire: Doncel VII
Dam: Jacena
“Apto” – Approved for Breeding

Kenia-FC, a grey PRE mare approved for breeding, arrived in Australia in August 2005. She is sired by the sensational black PRE stallion Doncel VII out of the proven producer of excellent conformated progeny, Jacena. She is a heterozygous grey who carries the black gene. Kenia-FC was purchased because of her excellent movement, fabulous length of rein and neck set, complimenting Galero XIV (Imp). 

An added bonus was that Kenia-FC was covered by the magnificent black ‘Calificado’ PRE dressage stallion, Carli Seni prior to leaving Spain. Carli Seni was 2nd in the Functionality Test and 11th overall in the senior stallion class of the 2004 SICAB - Spain's premier show. On 27 February 2006, Kenia-FC gave birth to the lovely black/grey P.R.E filly, BHM Black Porscha.

This fabulous mare is now retired after producing so many fabulous babies!

BHM Black Porscha

BHM Silver Diamontina

BHM Silver Ballerina

BHM Blacks InStyle

BHM Blacks AllStyle (dec)

BHM Sambista

BHM Koncheeta

BHM Kommander



Caballeriza MarietA

Sire: Esplendido (Black)
Dam: La Castana (Bay and carries the Iridescent gene)
Born: 11 November 1999
“Apto” – Approved for Breeding by the Spanish Revision Team

Marieta is a broodmare of exceptional quality and can easily be ranked as one of the best Spanish broodmares in Australia. She is the dam of several outstanding PREs including the stunning BHM Black Elegancia, as well as the dam of the amazing performing Spanish Warmbloods, BHM Spanish Love and BHM Spanish Tolegra. Marieta is a true 16.2hh bay Pure Spanish mare that like her mother carries the iridescent gene. Her father is the black Hortellano son, Esplendido who himself is a magnificent 16.2hh jet black stallion and a sire of many lovely offspring. Her dam is La Castana, a mare with true Spanish features and movement, and a well-known producer.

This fabulous mare is now retired after producing so many fabulous babies!

BHM Black Elegancia

BHM Spanish Love

BHM Spanish Tolegra

BHM Masterpiece

BHM Black Margarhetta

BHM Possum


BHM Black EleganciA

Sire: Manuka Diestro
Dam: Caballeriza Marita
Born: 21 August 2004
Inscribed by the Spanish Revision Team 2005
“Apto” – Approved for Breeding

Elli at 16hh, jet black with three white socks, is just simply stunning. Her pedigree combines the bloodlines of Lusillo (Imp) and Hortelano (Imp), a cross that is well known for producing exceptional dressage horses. Elli's show and dressage career has been outstanding. Her results in open company demonstrate the quality of this mare and reflect the type of horse BHM aims to breed. Elli is a true ambassador for the breed and Black Horse Manor.

As a broodmare Elli is worth her weight in gold. She is the dam of BHM Spanish Amor, BHM By Design and BHM Spanish Bond. No other Spanish mare in Australia can boast producing such magnificent offspring.

BHM Silver Diamontina

Sire: Galero XIV (Imp) (Dec)
Dam: Kenia-FC (Imp)
Born: 6 August 2008

“Apto” – Approved for Breeding

Diamontina is a true to type Spanish mare that has the fabulous knee and hock action of the Spanish horse and the natural ability to collect.  She commenced her ridden career with Helen Bomquist as her Garrocha performance horse, entertaining numerous crowds with their fabulous performances. Diamontina is now a very valued member of the BHM broodmare band and the dam of the stunning BHM Sorceress by the magnificent Spanish stallion, Doblon-TR imported frozen semen.


BHM Koncheeta (Imported Frozen Semen)

Sire: Kaiser MRT (Spain)
Dam: Kenia FC (Imp)
Born: 11 November 2015

My beautiful BHM Koncheeta was injured in a massive storm and unfortunately will not have the opportunity to compete. However this stunning mare will take over from Kenia-FC who has retired. With movement to burn, excellent conformation and a temperament to die it is no wonder her filly foal by the stunning Section A Welsh stallion Woranora Ninja is to die for! This filly, BHM Diana, will be retained.

We are so thrilled with BHM Diana, that Cheeta is again in foal to Woranora Ninja for a 2019 foal.