The Spanish horse is truly a noble animal that possesses fabulous beauty – they are what dreams are made of. 


They are very personable horses who love human company and just love to work thus making training so easy. Their conformation makes them a joy to ride and suitable for many disciplines especially dressage.

The Spanish Horse’s versatility makes it a suitable mount for all the family, a competitive open competition horse, a leading star in a movie and much more.

Economically the Spanish Horse is very easy to feed and care for. As they mature they require smaller quantities of feed to keep them in good condition, especially when compared to Thoroughbreds and Warmbloods.

The Pure Spanish Horse makes a fabulous choice for crossbreeding. Their wonderful temperaments, trainability and movement make them a very desirable cross.

Experience tells, that once you own a Spanish Horse you will always love the breed. If you are looking for that special horse that offers great value for money then look no further - the Spanish horse is for you!