Our commitment and belief in the breed has encouraged us to take the Australasian breed industry lead in improving the genetic quality and diversity, by importing quality stud stock and bloodlines. 


We are the first stud since the 1970’s to import a P.R.E mare, in foal, from Spain; with the resulting foal a filly. This mare was especially selected to complement our fabulous imported black stallion, Galero XIV (Imp). Our goal is to continue to improve the genetic pool by importing semen from the best P.R.E stallions the world has to offer.

Our breeding mares are carefully selected, including our non-Spanish mares that we use in our derivative programs. This high standard, supported by strictly practicing our motto ‘Breeding Quality Not Quantity’, combined with excellent nutrition, handling and husbandry, means you can be assured you are buying the best.

Our prices are very competitive with world and local standards. Quality customer service completes the picture.

We follow the Spanish System

BHM believe very strongly in a ‘revision or classification’ system for breeding stock of any breed. Therefore by supporting the Spanish Studbook system we subject our horses to the Spanish protocol of ‘classification’, approval for breeding and the issue of Spanish passports.

This is the one and only guarantee for breed purity... and the passport produced by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and ANCCE is the only documentation that guarantees that the animal is a Purebred Spanish Horse.
— ANCCE official website